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     List of services.

  • Collect and deposit rents in trust accounts,
  • Send statements and bill tenants back for extra charges if applicable. Send late notices, call for late rents, issue 3-day notices to pay rent or quit if necessary. Make arrangements with attorney if eviction is warranted.
  • Pay property invoices (mortgages, insurance, taxes, utilities, repair bills and more.)
  • Issue owner draws by the 10th of the month or deposit proceeds into appropriate bank accounts. Automatic wire transfers available through our cloud based software.
  •  Prepare, mail and email monthly financial statements by the 10th of the month.
  • Handle routine and emergency maintenance calls ( maintenance crew available 24 hrs. a day.) Tenants may also submit repair requests online.

Property leasing

                                 Co-operative Property Management Inc.

Residential Property Management.

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We match you to your dream home. 

For more than 30 years, we've made magical connections between customers and properties. 


  • Live the high life you know you deserve  
  • Rent properties in prestigious neighborhoods 
  • Develop deep, new relationships 
  • Open yourself to a world of opportunity 

Leasing procedures.

Advertise the property, take calls and pre-qualify.  Make appointments and show the property, take applications and process (run credit reports, check financial references, job references, landlord references ) write up lease, collect funds and conduct a written move-in inspection.